Privacy Policy

In line with the General Data Protection Regulation the VBU has a privacy policy.


The VBU considers the privacy of her members very important. Because of this she has drawn up an privacy statement which is in line with the new European laws concerning privacy.

What information?
The VBU has a few kinds of information. An overview:

  1. Contact information of our members, like your name, address, phone number and e-mail.
  2. Information during the draw up of a lease contract for tools, like contact information, autograph and date of birth
  3. All personal information members provide us when making an notification known to us.
  4. Personal information from applicants, like contact information and resume.

All information will be deleted structurally at several times a year when the information is no longer relevant.

Which ends?
The information that the VBU has in possession will be used for ends that are in line with the activity of an tenant organization. The information can be used for the following reasons:

  1. Insight in the members list.
  2. Keeping in contact with our members, like with the newsletter.
  3. Providing services to our members.
  4. The recruitment of new board members.

The VBU guarantees
Personal data will be carefully handled and secured by us. This means that:

  1. Only the personal data that is necessary will be used.
  2. It is clear what the information is used for.
  3. Permission has been asked for information processing when applicable.
  4. Information will not be provided to third parties, except when this is necessary for our purposes.
  5. A data exchange agreement has been made with DUWO to guarantee safe data exchange between us.
  6. The data can only be used by members of the board of the VBU and appropriate security measures have been made.
  7. The data is no longer stored than necessary. Non-relevant data will be structurally deleted at multiple moment in the year.

Data exchange with third parties

The VBU does not give personal data to third parties, except a few organizations. These organisations are DUWO and ICT-service providers, like Mailchimp or Google Forms.

Questions or complaints
If you have got a question about how we handle your data or if you want to change your personal information/ have it deleted you can contact us at

Last update 22-10-2018