Agenda en Notulen ALV

The records on this page describe the decisions made during the members’ meetings (in Dutch called ALV). The objectively written records describe the decisions made within a meeting or consultation. By reading the records you can stay informed about the projects in which the VBU is involved.

If the information has been written in Dutch and you would like to know more about a specific subject, you can always e-mail to and we will answer your questions in English.

VBU ALV 6 December 2017

VBU ALV 5 Oktober 2017

VBU ALV 9 March 2017

VBU ALV 10 November 2016

VBU ALV 7 April 2016

VBU ALV 30 November 2015 

VBU ALV 28 September 2015 

VBU ALV 22 April 2015 

VBU ALV 2 April 2015

VBU ALV 24 November 2014

VBU ALV 18 June 2014