Start camera pilot @ Uilenstede!

Please find below the text of the e-mail sent to all tenants of Uilenstede:

Dear tenant,

With this letter we would like to inform you of the below initiative of DUWO, Vereniging Bewoners Uilenstede, the Municipality of Amstelveen and the Police.

Camera pilot Uilenstede
To enhance the safety on Uilenstede there is decided to start a camera pilot. The first four  cameras have been placed on the 8th of December in tower 3 and C. In each elevator this camera has been pointed at the mirror. The other two cameras are placed in the hallway pointed at the entrances. From Tuesday the 13th of December 15.00 hrs the cameras will be in service.
Tower 3 and C have been chosen, due to the information of the police. If the pilot succeeds more cameras will be placed in other flats. If you come accros an unwanted visitor, witness someone peeing in the elavator or witness demolition please contact the Police immediately. Afterwards make sure that you also inform DUWO and VBU.

Do you have questions?

Please contact us by e-mail.

Kind regards,
Vereniging Bewoners Uilenstede