The VBU commits itself to the interests of all the tenants living on Uilenstede. You can choose to be a member, which has extra benefits. As a member, you will be able to:

  • borrow tools
  • ask questions and make complaints about DUWO, Ziggo and other matters regarding living on Uilenstede.
  • decide about the policy of the VBU

How do I become a member?
Have you just started living on Uilenstede? Then you can sign up for membership when signing your lease. Have you been living on Uilenstede for a while now? Then you can sign up or cancel your membership whenever you want. You can sign up or cancel your membership at the DUWO office.

What are the costs of the membership?
Members pay a small fee of € 0,55 each month via the service prices. This money will be fully used for the VBU and activities organised for our residents.