The New Room Checklist

As a new Uilenstede-tenant, a few things are important to be aware of. We have created an easy step-by-step plan with three bulletpoints to think about when moving.

  1. As soon as you get the key of your new place, check the delivery conditions of your residence. You can check them in the tenancy regulations document here.
  2. Make sure to let DUWO know about the faults in your residence within two weeks after your contract comes into effect. You can do this in your welcome talk with DUWO that you can request. Whether you have this meeting or not, make sure to address the faults.
  3. Time to move! Did you know VBU has moving carts to borrow? This way you will not have to go up and down with the elevator ten times to get everything into your room. You can borrow them, and many other convenient tools, during our office hours. Make sure to bring money for a deposit. You will get it back when you return the tool.


Last but not least, on the My DUWO portal is a page with specific information on your residence.

For any other questions regarding VBU, you can mail us via