The VBU commits itself to the tenants of Uilenstede through the following activities:

– Defending the rights of the tenants through consultations about serive charges, tenant related engagements, complaints, safety, future restructuring plans, et cetera.

– Giving recommendations about the policy managed by DUWO.

The VBU offers, both in a practical way as in the field of policy, a way to be involved. Both occupations are involved with other parties, for instance those involved with the campus in a practical matter, city hall and other tentant organizations (at a policy level). Also, there are many initiatives coming from the tenants and other organizations that the VBU is apart of. Lastly, there are several parties to whom the VBU is accountable, like DUWO and the tentants.

Sjors Wolvetang – Chair of the board











Marit Galle – Vice chair of the board / Secretary











Yannick Venekamp – General board member











Cas Smits – Treasurer













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