About VBU

The Vereniging Bewoners Uilenstede (VBU) is a tenants organization, with the goal of  serving the interest of the residents of Uilenstede. The most obvious service we deliver is the office hour of the VBU. During these office hours you can come to us with all your questions, concerns and complaints related to living at Uilenstede. Furthermore, you can use the office hours to make use of our lending service. When you pay a deposit, you can borrow tools.

Less visible are the different meetings that the VBU has with parties like DUWO and the council of Amstelveen. All matters involving the tenants and living on Uilenstede are discussed during these meetings. For instance, bikes and shopping carts on campus, projects, thiefs, service charges and house unit inspections are subjects that are being discussed. Safety and the design of the Uilenstede campus are some of the other subjects that are being discussed with the city council.

The VBU also tries to make the campus a bit more lively. The VBU Committee organizes a few parties and activities during the year. Often these parties are being held at Il Caffè or at the field located near the sport centre. Do you have a fun proposal for a party, are you part of a band or are you a DJ? Maybe we can organize a party together! Contact us!