Schoenzetten 7 december 2017 18:00 – 20:00 @ VBU kantoor

The time of Sinterklaas has come, so it’s time for Uilenstede to have some fun. The units are all over the place, so getting it there would be a problem if it needed to be without a trace. This is why Sint has come to collaborate, as you can leave a shoe per unit, which is great! Therefore one blueprint shall be sent to every unit, and the most beautiful one will be called back; can you believe it?! Come and put your paper shoe at the VBU during business hours, and let them be a reflection of all the different Uilenstede towers.

Endless countdown 2 november 2017 22:00 – 02:00 @ Il Caffè

3… 2… 1…
Do you think that the countdown prior to the New Year is the most exciting part of the night of the 31st of December? And can you also not get enough of Happy New Year from ABBA?! Then the night of the 2nd of November at 22:00 at Il Café will be just your piece of cake! Every hour the era will change… with the necessary countdown of course! Let the nostalgia of the music take you towards an ultimate ride within a time machine!

Spelletjesavond 12 oktober 2017 @ Il Caffè

Are you always bickering with your unit about who will get the last beer? Say no more! All these unnecessary (or maybe necessary) discussions can easily be solved with a game night! A variety of board games, from strategy to teamwork, will be available at the Kas. So give your evening a Twist(er) and claim a Monopoly on the ultimate victory on the 12th of October at 22:00.

Full Moon Party. 14 september 2017 22.00 uur @ Il Caffè

Sports event. May 11th, from 18.00-20.30

Thursday May 11th we will host a sports event at Uilenstede, after which you can treat yourself in the third half at the Sportcentrum Cafe! The different components are volleybal, swab hockey, siamese soccer and sumo wrestling. In teams with a minimum of six and a maximum of ten people, you will battle for the coveted winners title. Wait no longer and find the most athletic, dynamic and fun team players!

Brews & bites festival. April 21th, from 4.00 PM @ square / Il Caffè

We’re coming with something new! Together with Il Caffè, the VBU organises a special beer festival: Brews and Bites! On friday the 21st of April we all invite you to try all sorts of special beers from multiple brewers and to enjoy the delicious food from one of the food trucks! We had to think of you, because we know how exhausting school and work can be. Come with all your frinds to this very first edition en when it’s over, there is an afterparty with a cover band waiting for you!

Pillow fight. March 30th, 5.30 – 6.30 PM @ square

Thursday March 30 it is time to blow off some steam! Doesn’t matter if you’re irritated by your boss, you classmates, the NS, GVB or the shitload of homework that you still have to do; you can punch it all out at our Pillow Fight! Grab your pillow and fight with us on the square before Il Caffè. Even if you have zero frustrations you are more than welcome to join us. We’re taking care of drinks and something to eat so you have nothing to worry about!

Pyjama Party! Febrauary 16h, 10 PM @ Il Caffè

Thursday the 16th of February is the day for another great VBU party in our beloved Ill Caffe. This time we invite you to join in your most comfortable outfit ever, also know as your PJ’s! With Valentines day only a few days ago we will welcome you with some loveshots. So if your Valentines day was absolutely amazing or less successful, you just don’t want to miss this party. And you never know.. you might even run into your valentine, we see you then!

Happy New Year! January 9th @ Metro- en tramhalte Uilenstede

Because we can all use some extra warmth and support during the cold winter months we -the VBU- have something for you. On the 9th of January, while leaving for college or coming home, we will be there with a nice warm drink and a little something to snack. You can find us near the metro/tram-stop. In this way we want to thank you all for your enthusiasm in 2016 and we would love to see you again during all our upcoming events!