Since the foundation of the Committee in 2013, the Committee has been busy organizing activities for all residents of Uilenstede with as highlight the yearly festival! Excited to find out which event will be next? Please check our Facebookpage and stay up to date!

Furthermore, the Committee members are responsible for the office hours from Tuesday to Thursday. They can help you with borrowing tools and they can also answer your questions about living on Uilenstede.

Mats Wagenvoort – Chair

Hi! I’m Mats Wagenvoort, treasurer of the VBU commission since January 2018 and I’ve been the chair since September of the same year. I’m 23 years old and I’m from Goor, a small city in Twente. At the moment I am studying Finance at the Vrije Universiteit. To develop myself further besides my study i joined the VBU commission. I’m looking forward to organize parties and activities for the tenants at Uilenstede in cooperation with the other commission members!



Celine Nguyen – Public Relations

Hey! My name is Celine Nguyen, I’m 21 years old and from January till April 2018 I was secretary at the VBU commission. At this moment i am responsible for the PR of the commission. I was born and raised in the cheese city of Alkmaar and I’ve been living at Uilenstede or “Uilie” since april 2016. This year I started with my master dentistry at the ACTA. But of course, studying is not the only thing I am doing. In my time off you can find me at parties and festivals but I’m also an award winning couch potato. Besides that i love to cook, do kickboxing and travel. Because i wanted to do something new and challenging, I decided to join the VBU commission. I can’t wait to work together with other members of the commission to create unforgettable parties and activities. So, see you soon?


Teun Verstijnen – Secretary

Hey! My name is Teun Verstijnen, I’ve been the secretary for the VBU commission since april 2018. I’m 20 years old and I am from Vught, a small village near Den Bosch. I am studying aviation at the Amsterdam University of applied sciences (HvA). I joined the VBU commission because I wanted a different challenge besides my  studies and also because I want to organize great parties for you guys, the people living here (And for myself of course). Houdoe! (g’day).