Office hours are cancelled on Thursday the 7th of December

Please note: Thursday the 7th of December the office will be closed for visiting hours as we have a Christmas market at the square of Uilenstede. This day you won’t be able to return any tools rented. For any tools that have the 7th as the return date it will be rescheduled to Monday the 11th of December.

We hope to see you at the Christmas market!

Game night 12-10-2017 @ Il Caffè

Are you always bickering with your unit about who will get the last beer?

Say no more! All these unnecessary (or maybe necessary) discussions can easily be solved with a game night! A variety of board games, from strategy to teamwork, will be available at the Kas. So give your evening a Twist(er) and claim a Monopoly on the ultimate victory on the 12th of October at 22:00.

Check the Facebookevent for more info!

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